The first Kira Kira Japanese Beauty Crate – November 2016

Japan Crate have released a brand new crate called the Kira Kira Crate which contains a variety of Japanese beauty products delivered to your door every month.

Thankfully you get a booklet in the box to describe all of the items and how to apply/use them, this is great as all of the instructions on the products themselves are in Japanese. This is also the first of the crates that Japan Crate have created that come directly from Japan.

The following opinions are all my own and I paid for this item with my own money. So without further ado here is my review on the box and content – I’ll do a review on each individual item once I use them all 🙂

Otto Mie Eye Mask 
This is a pack of 5 popular eye masks that became popular in Japan for soothing tired eyes when in front of the television and/or computer screen – So good for someone like me who is in front of a computer at work and in front of a TV screen playing video games at home. This mask is air activated and heats up by itself to a warm temperature. It has added Lutein, which is a vitamin that encourages natural tear production, and the heat from the mask itself helps relax the tense muscles around your eyes. Coming from someone who suffers from tension headaches I am really looking forward to using these.

Nonkuma X Hello Kitty Eye Patch
These eye patches are very similar to the ones above with the same heat action to help with tired muscles. The main difference with these patches are that they apparently help with dark circles and wrinkles. I suffer quite badly with dark circles due to my pale skin so I’m hoping these make a difference.


Family Honey Soap
A luxurious honey soap with real honey essence and royal jelly extract. It’s smell isn’t too over powering but I haven’t used it in the bath yet so I’ll let you know how this feels on the skin.

Yuzu Bath Tablets
Lovely Yuzu citrus smelling bath tablets, a little like very small bath bombs to liven up your bath and make it smell like a spa.


Puresmile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask
A cherry blossom smelling face mask with ingredients such as; Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to help nourish and moisturise the skin. Since the weather is so dry and cold this should be just what my face needs.

Choosy Lip Pack: Peach
Choosy lip pack is a peach smelling lip mask to moisturise the lips and make them plumper and smoother. The winter has definitely chapped my lips to death so this will hopefully bring them back to life.


Naive Peach Face Wash
A foamy face wash with the smell of peaches is meant to keep your skin moisturised and smooth an on going theme in all of the skin care items in this package, and who doesn’t want smooth, moisturised skin in the winter?!


Super Exte Eyelashes
I received some really nice looking eyelashes in the style ‘SE-16 Super Dolly. I have just started running out of my lashes that I bought in bulk from Daiso when I went to Tokyo last year so I am really glad I got a pair of these in my box. They come with glue which should be interesting to use as I find some glues are brilliant, and some absolutely dreadful so I’ll let you know how these go.


All in all I received a lot of great items in my Kira Kira box this month. I would have preferred a few more beauty items but I’m still happy with the variety of items.

If you want to grab one of these fab boxes you can on the Kira Kira Crate website. The costs vary from; $29 a month, $28 a month if you’re getting a 3 month subscription, $27.50 a month if you’re getting a 6 month subscription, and $26.66 a month if you’re getting a 12 month subscription.

Let me know your favourite item if you already have your Kira Kira box, if not do you have a favourite Japanese beauty lifestyle product?
Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed the post.
Thanks for reading.
Ninjette Natasha


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