Too Faced Christmas in New York!

I can not even tell you you how excited I was to finally get my hands on this!

As well as it being Too Faced, which is one of my favourite brands of all time! It’s their special edition Christmas in New York set which is stunning.


It comes in a beautiful hard cardboard box in the shape of a hotel, Grande Hotel Cafe, to be more precise. Then when you open in, you take the roof off and open out two panels to reveal christmas trees and a little retro looking cafe with a menu.

The menu is the three, yes I said THREE palettes that you get inside, and a ‘Better than sex’ deluxe size mascara.


So let’s kick off with these beautiful palettes, which all smell like sweet coffee, so yummy. I swatched all palettes with my finger from top left to right to the bottom.

I’ll start with ‘Gingerbread Cookie’. These shades are all browns and coppers which include; 2 mattes – Ginger Cream, and Maple Syrup, 4 shimmers – Ginger Snap, Winter Dream, Cup of Joe, and Black Coffee, and a bronzer – Gingerbread. Such a beautiful palette, my favourite shade has to be Winter Dream, it’s such a gorgeous unique shade.


Next up is ‘Eggnog Latte’ which is another brown palette but with a fleck of green and pink added to the mix, this palette has; 2 matte shades – Frosty Nog, and Skinny Latte, 4 shimmer shades – Eggnog Latte, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, and Central Park, and a peachy blusher suitably named Peach Cobbler. I must confess Frosty Nog was a little powdery but otherwise everything was great quality. My favourite shade from this has to be Cold Brew, I just just love the frost dark colours for autumn.


Last but not least it’s ‘Peppermint Mocha’ with mainly pink shades, as you can tell by the packaging. This follows the same pattern as the rest of the palettes with; 2 matte shades – Peppermint Cream, and Candy Cane, 4 shimmer shades – Christmas Blend, Peppermint Mocha, Sprinkles, and Coffee Chip, and a beautiful bright pink blush called Santa Baby. Again, the white matte shade Peppermint Cream was slightly on the powdery side, but it wasn’t a deal breaker at all and the other shadows swatched great. Sprinkles is definitely my favourite shade, a stunning glittery pink purple.


In conclusion this set is amazing and really worth the money. Yes there were two matte shades that were a little on the powdery side but heh just tap the excess off the brush and you’ll be good to go, it definitely wasn’t a deal breaker as the rest of the shadows look and feel buttery and beautiful, and they blend like an absolute dream.
The mascara is their standard ‘Better than Sex’ mascara with a little more in it, hence why it is a deluxe size. It’s a brilliant mascara that really keeps a curl in my lashes, which is a miracle since they go straight down. The applicator is easy to use and I don’t poke myself in the eye with it which is grand.

Too faced products are all brilliant quality and this product is no exception. Definitely worth the money and lets not forget the beautiful packaging which reflects each of the palette colours, and the fact that it is just so seasonal and so cute.
In conclusion, go buy it! You can get it at Debenhams in the UK or at the TooFaced website for Β£46.

I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know what you think of it and some looks you’ve created in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Ninjette Natasha


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