REALLY!? £46 ($74) Makeup Primer? Guerlain L’or Makeup Base Review

Every now and again I will splurge and get a luxury item for myself, whether that be beauty, fashion, skincare…etc but did the item actually work out for me is the question. This REALLY!? series will give you the answer to that question. Now lets get on with the review…


I think you guys have an inkling as to which makeup base I am referring to. It’s the Guerlain L’or makeup base with sprinkles of 24 carat gold. This has been all over the interwebs and the beauty bloggersphere. I originally heard about it from Tati (one of my favourite beauty bloggers) She is all about staying firm and wrinkle free and since I am approaching 30, I definitely want to stay as wrinkle free as I can, especially around the mouth and eyes. So I’m going to give an overview of the primer and then my final thoughts, enjoy!

The texture of this primer is in-between a serum and a normal primer. It has a more watery texture than a primer like Benefit’s Porefessional and I really like the way this feels on the face. It isn’t sticky or tacky which tends to happen with some watery primers and serums.


The smell of this is really heavy, and the scent for me is way too overwhelming. The only way I can describe it is extremely perfumey. The smell goes away about 30 seconds after it is smoothed into the skin, but the initial few seconds of putting it onto the skin takes my breath away, and not in a good sense. If you love strong perfumey make-up then I would say that this will not be a problem for you, and I don’t mind a bit of a scent, but I found this was just too strong for my personal preference.

This primer sinks straight into the skin and the gold melts along with it, making your face feel very soft and firm. However this made me break out like nobodies business. My face went blotchy, red, and bumpy. This made me feel so upset, not just the fact that my face looked like a boulder, but the fact that this primer gave me such good results for a few hours and I loved it, but then my skin rejected it terribly.

Final Thoughts
If you do not have sensitive skin then buy this product it is stunning! It looks gorgeous on the face and really lifts and firms your skin making it feel nice and plump and fresh. However if you have quite sensitive skin and are especially sensitive to scent then this item is not a good idea. I have very good skin, never suffered from acne, and hardly ever get spots. However, I have found if a product has a heavy scent or a lot of alcohol my skin freaks out, goes red, and gets very bumpy indeed. Since I have pale white skin this shows…alot! So in summary I am so disappointed in how this product worked on my skin, but I think if your skin can handle it and you don’t mind the scent, then this is a great product and definitely worth the splurge.

What is your favourite luxury product, or a luxury product that you would love to try out? Comment down below and if you have any luxury items that you would like me to try please let me know, I love trying new products!

Thanks for reading
Ninjette Natasha xx


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