Blogtober My Favourite Gift?

I really can’t pick a favourite gift so to speak, as so many of my family and friends have bought me such amazing birthday and christmas presents.
However one gift that I really hold dear is a silver necklace that my mum bought me as a gift from my nan who passed a way just over a week before my birthday a few years ago. Every time I wear it and look at it I think of my nan, and it makes me happy that I have something so precious to remind me of her.

The gifts that are my favourites are ones that hold real sentimental value. Ones that I can look back on and remember a moment, a person, a place, or/and a special time. These are the gifts that mean the most to me.

What are your favourite gifts from your friends and family, do you have a gift that holds strong sentimental value to you? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading,
Ninjette Natasha xx


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