Blogtober Chosen career as a child?

As a very young child I really wanted to be a teacher. I remember lining up my teddies and dolls and getting them ready for registration. Clear memories of holding assemblies and shouting at teddies that would answer back in class. My mum even bough me a white board with paper so I could draw things on the board for the teddies to learn. I had so much joy in the small cupboard in my house giving assemblies and singing songs.

When I was a little older, maybe around 7 or 8Β I really wanted to be a stage actress. I think this stems from reading books such as Gormenghast, Homers Odyssey, and Shakespeare at a very early age. I watched and read a lot of old plays and I always imagined being on the stage and telling such amazing stories to starry eyed spectators.

What was your chosen career as a youngen? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading
Ninjette Natasha xx



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