Gucci Dionysus Handbag

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So I’m back after a bit of a sabbatical. Have been extremely busy with a lot going on, but now I’m back with a vengeance, and with a shit tonne of products! My lord do I have a lot! So without further ado I’m going to start with my most recent and most expensive purchase, my Gucci Dionysus suede and leather handbag. Waaaaaaah I love it! I love it so much! I saw a Youtuber called Claire Marshall with it (check out her channel Hey Claire if you haven’t already she makes some amazing videos) and she was wearing it with a really casual band t-shirt which I thought, great! I’m always wearing band t-shirts. So I decided on the Blue Gucci Dionysus – You can get it in lots of different colours but I thought this suited my style the best.

I decided to go to Harrods to get the bag with my mum – I was originally going to their flagship store in Bond Street as I didn’t have a great experience in Harrods last time I went, which was about 5 years ago when my mum and I got a voucher for afternoon tea for her birthday, the waiter treated us like crap! But I decided to put this fear aside and go to Harrods anyway, and man has it changed, the staff are so much nicer! Even the security and door staff were super nice and helpful. It was a completely different experience and my mum and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As shown here in the toy department;


So I went to the Gucci counter and there it was, looking at me from across the counter in its beautiful blue glory. The lady at the counter let me look at it, try it on in the mirror, and told me everything I needed to know about it. She was an absolute gem and so incredibly helpful. Anyone looking to get a Gucci handbag definitely head down to the Gucci concession in Harrods.

This bag is absolutely stunning. It’s just the right size to fit everything you need for the day, but no too big so it won’t swamp you. The colour is a beautiful bright blue and goes with every outfit day or night. The bag itself is suede and there is a suede and leather flap when you open the bag, the leather peeks through as small triangles at the front of the bag. Inside it is a soft leather so maybe think twice about just throwing keys in there, I would opt for some kind of key pouch to make sure the leather doesn’t get scratched. There are two compartments in the main part of the bag and then a flap at the front. I love the dark silver hardware at the front with the lion heads and the silver chain used to hold the bag. You can wear this with two chains over your shoulder, or one chain across the body.

All in all I freaking love this bag! It’s the best purchase I have ever made and I will definitely be using this a lot. I’m off to Rome soon so it’ll definitely be featured in a lot of pictures. Now you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How much was it then?’ Well it was not cheap thats for sure, it was £1,480 but definitely worth it if you want to purchase a beautiful, good quality designer handbag.

Do you have any designer handbags and if so which one is your favourite, and if not what handbag would you love to own? Make sure to leave me a comment below!


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