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Chanel inspired nails

A couple of weeks a go I took the plunge and decided to get gel nails done. I used to have gel nail extensions a good few years ago, I’m talking about 5 years ago and I remember the problems I used to have with them; when you knock your nail on the smallest thing and it feels like someone has punched you in the fingers, when your nails need to be redone and the underneath of them start catching on your hair when your washing it…etc. All kinds of nightmares occur with nail extensions, however, they look so damn pretty and I love all the 3d nail designs you can get on them.

I went to my local nail salon to get them done, it was a branch of Lisa Star Nails. The staff were really lovely and welcoming and showed me their array of nail colours as well as some 3d accessories I could get attached to my nails. I asked for these as they are not very widely asked for at British salons. I chose the Hello Kitty OPI pink in Charmmy & Sugar, this is what was used as the main coat of colour on my nails and the Hello Kitty OPI black in Never have too mani friends, on the tips and index finger nails. I chose the silver diamanté Chanel logo as the 3D design on my ring finger nails and two tiny diamonds on my index finger nails.


I love the way this design looks. It’s so simple but the plain black and diamonds on the middle finger and the 3D effect makes them really stand out. Shockingly these additions to my nails do not affect me in any way, washing my hair and everyday tasks are fine. Yes, when I do hit my finger nail it doesn’t feel great but that’s to be expected. I definitely recommend the 3D effect on nails to anyone and everyone, it is a great extra to give your nails that extra va va voom.


Have you had your nails done recently? or maybe thinking of getting something done? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear some great ideas for my next nail venture.

Thanks again for reading!
Ninjette Natasha



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