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What to buy and what not to buy for men for Valentines Day

Since Valentines day is coming up there seems to be some standard things for men to buy for their wife or girlfriend; flowers, chocolates, a meal, a cuddly toy, and sometimes makeup. So not too tough if their other half isn’t too fussy and is the typical romantic.
So I thought I would do a post on some ideas on what women should get for their boyfriend/husband for Valentines day, as we all have an idea of what to get guys for a present but I thought I would go to the source. Since my office is a primarily male environment, ask some men in my office and also the man in my life, what they would and would not like from their other halves for Valentines Day.

Let’s start with what not to buy a man for Valentines Day



“I can buy these any day of the week why would I want these on Valentines Day?” I think that sentence says it all.

Boxer Shorts/weird boxers


All the men that I spoke to said a similar thing to their socks response, a boring and unimaginative present that they could buy themselves at any point. Novelty underwear they pretty much see as a bit weird and a massive turnoff, so expect that elephant trunk or horses nose to deflate at the blink of an eye.

Novelty Valentines gifts


My boyfriend has said that these gifts are, I quote, “Impersonal and lazy…” and most of the men at my workplace have said that these are pointless gifts that’ll just end up at the back of the wardrobe or in a drawer that’ll be collecting dust, to be eventually thrown out when you either move out or need to make room for something more important. There you have it girls, no matter how soppy the present is they won’t thank you for it.

Now moving on to what to buy for your other half for Valentines day.



A good film is never a bad route to go down. You can always watch the film together on Valentines day instead of trying to get into that busy restaurant where the ambience is more “I need to get this table” than “Lets relax and have a romantic meal together”
If you can’t think of what film to get think of something that you’ve seen together at the cinema, or a favourite film that he has mentioned previously and track down the special edition, blue-ray, or steel box.

An adventure experience


“If they really wanted to push the boat out it’s a really fun thing that you can experience together but also if they’re not interested in it you can do it on your own and have a lot of fun doing it.” Some of the adventure experiences that were mentioned were Rock Climbing, Paint balling and the zombie experience at an abandoned shopping centre in Reading.



Well who would have thought it but apparently guys really like weapons. My boyfriend (yes that is him in the picture) is really into his history and loves researching old weapons used at the time for various methods of hacking and slashing. Whatever makes them happy right? Who doesn’t like a good old flanged mace?

A sexy gift and some time alone with each other


This was the number one gift that men in my office said. For their other half to wear something super sexy and for them to have some time alone together. A lot of the men in my workplace have families so they said that spending some extra alone time together not doing the everyday things is the best present they could get, awww how sweet.

So there you have it, according to the boyfriend and my work colleagues these are some of the worst and best things you can get your guys for valentines day. What is the best Valentines Day present you’ve received from your other half?, have you had real dud gift?  let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading
Ninjette Natasha xx



One thought on “What to buy and what not to buy for men for Valentines Day

  1. This was both funny and informative! I think guys are *so* much harder to buy for at Valentine’s than women. This year I bought my SO one of those monthly subscription box things for his favorite geek stuff (he’s a huge nerd like me, so I know he’ll like it). I hinted heavily for him to get me either a coffee or cooking gift basket, but we’ll see if he did! 😉

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