My first post of 2016…and ever


Hello world!

I’m Natasha, as a New Years resolution and something that has been a long time coming I have decided to write a blog, more specifically a beauty and lifestyle blog, voila, here it is!

A quick overview of my passions include beauty, gaming, and comic books. I do eventually want to start my own gaming and comic book blog as well as this, but I thought I would start off small and gain more confidence and experience as this blog grows. So watch this space.

I feel that beauty is a great way to express yourself artistically, and since I am not great at drawing, I prefer to make colours on my face. I love to experiment with new things and every time I experience something either positive or negative to do with certain products I tend to run downstairs and talk at my boyfriend. As you can imagine he can only sit there for so long until his eyes glaze over and he starts to switch off completely. So why not let the internet know.

There has been multiple occasions where I have looked up different opinions on certain beauty products to decide whether to take the plunge and purchase them, and have also been looking at Korean and Japanese products as well. Every little helps when it comes to this kind of research, and nobody wants to spend money on products only to find that they hate them. So I thought I would join the thousands of beauty bloggers and put my opinions up there for all to see.

I really hope this helps you all out and I hope this is an interesting read. As well as beauty blogs, I’ll be adding some fashion blogs, and also some lifestyle blogs as well.

Enjoy, and see you next time x


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